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The New York Times gets it wrong

In response to this posting at the New York Times, Disruptions: You Know You Can't Live Without Apple's Latest Glass Rectangle by Nick Bilton…

Wow, I don't come close to agreeing... The naiveté exposed in this article is staggering.

Fins on a Cadillac? Nothing functional about the fins changed (because there was nothing functional about the fins, of course). The look of the exterior of a TV as the sole criterion for choosing one? This guy is a world champ idiot.

The operant in the evolution of Apple products over the past few years has been to build at the absolute limits of what is possible and financially feasible at the same time in the consumer space.

Look at the product line over the last, I don't know, decade? Each new model has been built using manufacturing techniques, parts and design that were not possible in the previous design. It takes the market's adoption of a new technique to drive manufacturing and component vendors to rise to the challenge of producing at that level. The one spurs the other and the evolution continues.

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