Fewer than 500 words...

On music streaming and Apple...

My mother asked what I thought of this article. So I wrote:

My opinion is it’s worthless uninformed conjecture based on existing business models with no imagination added.

Apple has never been a me-too company and I sure don’t see them starting with Music Streaming.

The electronic music/book/movie/television/app market lacks something for which we have an existing and remarkable model already extant. We simply need to find a way to make it work with modern delivery methods.

In the days of AM/FM radio many listeners listened to specific DJs, hoping to hear about the latest in music and culture with the DJs acting as curators. I remember waiting for a specific DJ’s show just because I knew it would have all the latest information and music that was important to me. There were some DJs that were basically creating a shopping list for me!

The issue of curation, of having someone staying up-to-date and helping to guide interested consumers through the vast array of new things available hasn’t been properly solved thus far. I remember going to a record store and browsing through that week’s new releases, and that was a weekly thing for me. Today I can’t even find a decent online listing of what’s been released and I miss album releases from artists I love.

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