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Apple's Lion in the Tall Grass

I know many of you are excited about Apple's impending release of the next Mac OS X version, 10.7 or Lion, as it's called. Lion is scheduled for release this month, but no specific date has been announced.

I'm a registered developer with Apple and I've been using Lion for months and I'm very excited to share it with you, but there are some important considerations that will affect when you update. I'm writing this to help you make a good decision about when you upgrade your Mac(s).

Lion changes some underlying core ways in which the OS works and chief among these changes is that Rosetta will no longer be part of the codebase that makes up the OS. Rosetta was an emulator that allowed code written for older PowerPC machines to run on Intel computers. It's been years since Apple sold PowerPC machines, but some developers have not chosen to update the code for the applications (even though they've had years to do it). What matters about this is that those applications will not function in Lion, and some of these applications may be key to your work.

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