Fewer than 500 words...

Learning to love Contacts.app

Why doesn’t Contacts work the way I think it should or the way my previous favorite app did?

1. The majority of average users are most interested in KNOWING that their contacts are the same in all locations; desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Web. They want this action to be passive, i.e. not requiring any interaction or knowledge.

2. Some business clients want deeper integration into their workflows - CRM, (Customer Relations Management). CRM solutions might provide additional information like contact history, links to documents, emails, etc. as well as tight integration with a calendar.

3. Data that collectively represents a "contact" is not something easily pinned down. Put any two people in a room and ask them what should be part of a contact record and you're likely to have an argument. Add more people and you add to the size of the argument.

4. Add a variety of logical plans for storage, formatting and syncing of data and we begin tilting toward chaos.

5. Everyone expects moving from one contact application to another to be simple, easy and to properly transfer all data.

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